Monday November 12 10:10 AM / 9:10c
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The Return of the Native

The breathtaking English countryside sets the stage for a spellbinding triangle of love, desire and destiny in Thomas Hardy's romantic classic. Catherine Zeta Jones stars as Eustacia Vye, a woman who hates her rural home and dreams of the day she can leave. In her hometown, she enchants every man she meets including Damon Wildeve, who had promised to marry another. When a well-to-do man, Clym Yeobright, returns home from Paris, she sends Damon back to his fiancee, and wins Clym's heart. Soon she is making wedding plans that she believes will take her away from her rural past, but unknown to her, Clym has decided to stay in the country. Experience the passion and the heartache in this epic masterpiece. Stars Clive Owen, Catherine Zeta Jones and Ray Stevenson.