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Thank you for visiting the Hallmark Channel web site. Your privacy on the Internet is important to us. To better protect your privacy we provide you with this notice outlining how we collect and use online information.

Hallmark Channel collects personally identifiable information (such as your name, mailing address, e-mail address, telephone number, cable/satellite provider, birth date, gender), when it is voluntarily submitted by users in connection with newsletters, sweepstakes, contests, feedback, registrations, surveys, memberships, products or services.

We collect aggregate information about your activities on our web site (such as the pages at the site which you access most frequently, what browser version you are using, what browser plug-ins you have installed, etc.) This allows us to improve our site based on current technology demographics so that we may provide you with the best online experience at Hallmark Channel websites. The ONLY time we ever receive personal information from you is when you volunteer the information. The personal information we receive from a user-submitted entry for a specific sweepstakes, contest, registration, survey, product or service may be shared with that sweepstakes, contest, registration, survey, product or service's third-party promotional partners if the user has given Hallmark Channel permission to do so. Hallmark Channel will always request permission to share such information with such promotional partners. Users may elect not to participate by clicking the appropriate on-screen checkbox before submitting any information. Hallmark Channel E-mail Newsletter subscribers can easily unsubscribe at any time by following the instructions located at the bottom of every one of our e-mail newsletters. Additionally, Hallmark Channel members may also unsubscribe by modifying their “Edit My Profile” link on the Hallmark Channel website after logging in.

A “cookie” is a small data file that is sent to your computer when you visit a website. Cookies are stored on your computer’s hard drive. Cookies allow the website to remember information that can enhance your visit. We use cookies to provide features such as auto-login and to determine when you have previously visited our site. Our cookies are not used to retrieve any information from your computer that was not sent to you by us. Our cookies do not contain any personally identifiable information about you. Most Internet browsers are set up to accept cookies, most browsers allow you the ability to reject cookies or prompt you when cookies are being used. However, if you choose to set your browser to reject cookies you may lose some functionality on our website, such as auto-login.

At times, we hire third parties to provide services such as creating some of our sites, ads, promotions, contests and other marketing material. These third parties may collect data from our site through cookies and the registration process. This data may be used to develop reports on how to make the site more interesting and useful. Registration data collected is sent back to us and will not be used for any other purpose unless the registrant gives permission for such use.

Occasionally, you may get cookies from our sponsors, vendors and/or advertisers, these are not our cookies and are not subject to our privacy policy. Please read the applicable privacy policy to determine how they will use any information they collect from you.

Hallmark Channel encourages parents and guardians to spend time with their children online, and to be familiar with the sites their children visit. When subscribing to our Hallmark Channel E-mail Newsletter or when entering information in connection with an online sweepstakes, contest, survey, registration, product or service, we ask for users to state their age/birth date. Hallmark Channel relies on our users to be truthful in responding to these questions. We do not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from children under the age of 13.

We encourage users under the age of 18 not to submit personal information to us. The age of eligibility may be greater than 18 years of age when entering an online contest or sweepstakes (always read the rules for details).
Information posted to message boards and chat areas is available to the general public. Please use caution when posting any such information. Users under the age of 18 should be particularly careful not to provide any personally identifying information while using chat rooms or message boards. Users of chat areas and message boards must follow acceptable standards of behavior when posting messages online. Hallmark Channel reserves the right to, but is not obligated to, refuse or delete any content that in our sole discretion is considered inappropriate.

Our sites contain links to third party sites other than our own. Those sites may not follow the same privacy policies as Hallmark Channel. Such links may be to advertisers, content providers or partners who may use our logo and/or style as a result of a co-branding agreement. These sites may send their own cookies to you, and may collect information and use it in a way inconsistent with Hallmark Channel's privacy policy. Hallmark Channel does not control the content that appears on these third party sites. Such sites may contain information that content providers independent of Hallmark Channel have created, maintained, published, posted or otherwise made available. The use of any information or materials that you may access at these third party sites is purely voluntary. You should not rely on their contents without independent and thorough review of the accuracy, completeness, effectiveness, timeliness and correct sequencing. When you click via a link to such third party sites you should read the applicable privacy policy to determine how they will use any information they collect from you. These third party sites may also refer to specific commercial products, processes, or services by trade name, trademark, service mark, manufacturer or otherwise. Unless Hallmark Channel has provided explicit authority, such references in no way indicate our endorsement, recommendation or preference.

From time to time Hallmark Channel may revise the Privacy Policy statement of this site therefore, to keep up to date with our current policies you should review it periodically. If you have any questions or wish to communicate with us with regard to this Privacy Policy or your personal information please contact us at: E-mail:
Phone: (888) 390-7474
Please note that participation in some activities offered on our site may be limited, without the submission of personally identifiable information of the user.


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