Sunday October 28 1:00 AM / 12:00c

Once Upon A Christmas

An exhausted Santa declares the end of Christmas because of an ever-growing list of naughty children. Disheartened by her father's declaration, Santa's youngest daughter, Kristin, tries to save the holiday. In her attempt to prove the spirit of Christmas exists, Kristin chooses a family to convert from naughty to nice. The task is much tougher than Kristin expects when the children she chooses turn out to be spoiled, lazy and undisciplined because their dad Bill is always working. Meanwhile, Kristin's conniving older sister Rudolfa tries her best to sabotage Kristin's efforts and implement her own version of Christmas: giving everyone prank gifts! When Rudolfa's scheming goes too far, Kristin is forced to make the ultimate sacrifice to save Christmas and the family she has grown to love. Stars Kathy Ireland and John Dye.