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Laci Mailey : Violet

Laci Mailey, originally from British Columbia, Canada, is a talented actress and recent graduate of the Vancouver Film School (VFS).  At VFS, she held supporting and lead roles in many productions, including “Slip,” “Wish You Well,” “Flowers Anonymouse,” “Hey Jude” and “Drawn to Life.”   

Mailey has also put in her time on stage in performances of Guys & Dolls, as Adelaide for VFS, Life Or Theatre, Taut Canvas and Much Ado About Nothing.  

Mailey made her acting debut as a recurring guest star on “Sifting Realities,” a darkly comedic sci-fi webseries, and has since gone on to have parts in the independent feature film “Tomorrow,” written and directed by David Mcloughlin and a recurring role on “Captain Starship,” alongside Paul McGillion.  Most recently, Mailey had a role in the Lifetime Network 2011 made-for-TV thriller, “The Hunt for the I-5 Killer,” alongside John Corbett and Sara Canning.