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  • Mystery | TV-G
    Librarian Aurora Teagarden is known around her small town as a master sleuth. When her friend Jane unexpectedly dies and leaves Aurora everything in her will, she also leaves a troubling murder mystery. It is up to Aurora to piece together the clues and solve the murder before she becomes the next victim. Stars Candace Cameron Bure, Marilu Henner and Alexa Doig.
  • Original, Romance | TV-PG
    When Ben McCauley e-mails Chloe, the beautiful, “mystery girl” who keeps crossing his path, he sends a message to single mother Charley Anderson by mistake. Ben begins dating Chloe, but she never quite lives up to the e-mail relationship and anonymous friendship he develops with Chloe’s co-worker Charley. Stars Brigid Brannagh, Sean Patrick Flanery, and Michael Clark Duncan.
  • Original, Romance | TV-G
    Successful professional matchmaker Amy Flowers makes a New Year's Eve resolution to finally find a love match for herself. Stars Faith Ford, Dyan Cannon and Hal Linden.
  • Drama, Original, Romance | TV-G
    A successful career Mom gets a case of empty nest syndrome when her children go off to college and her husband decides to join them to follow his own dreams. Fearing she might be losing her family for good, she enrolls in the same school and will do anything to keep them together. Stars Kristy Swanson and Scott Grimes.
  • Mystery, Original | TV-PG
    When a woman is wrongly accused of the death of her ex-husband, she sets out to solve the murder mystery and find the real killer before the day of the funeral, when she is to be taken into custody. Based on the book by best-selling author Susan Isaacs. Stars Wendie Malick Gregory Harrison.
  • Mystery, Original, Romance | TV-G
    Detective Mike Logan takes on a special undercover assignment as a nanny when a quiet, upscale neighborhood is turned upside down by a string of robberies. When the mystery begins to unravel, new relationships are threatened as he struggles to protect his secret identity and solve a difficult case. Stars Sarah Lancaster and Cameron Mathison.
  • Romance, HHOFC | TV-PG
    Jack Peterson, a widowed father of three young children, encounters Ginny Newsom, a wildlife biologist, whose mission is tracking trumpeter swans, a family of which settles on a pond on the Peterson farm. Initially it’s dislike at first sight between protective‐dad Jack and in-your-face Ginny, but eventually respect – and romance – develops. Stars Jason Lee and Minka Kelly.
  • Original, Romance, Comedy | TV-PG L
    The only thing standing between George and Jane tying the knot is Jane’s paralyzing fear, thanks to her first disastrous marriage to Doug. Heartbroken when she leaves him rather than take a chance, George gets into a car accident and is miraculously transported back in time to meet Jane just days before she marries Doug. This is George’s chance to convince Jane to marry him instead of Doug. Stars Jennifer Westfeldt, David Sutcliffe and Lauren Holly.
  • Drama, Family, Original | TV-G
    After leaving her Amish town and the only family she has ever known, Katie Lapp ventures to New York City to find her birth mother, Laura Mayfield-Bennett. Katie finds Laura but is shocked to discover an imposter claiming to be Katie Lapp is already living in Laura’s home. As Katie tries to unravel the mystery, Daniel Fisher, the young man who captured Katie’s heart years ago, has returned to find Katie—the one woman he ever truly loved. Stars Sherry Stringfield, Katie Leclerc, Adrian Paul and Cameron Stewart.
  • Original, Drama | TV-G
    Shunned by the township she was raised in, a young Amish woman finds herself enjoying an affluent life in the secular world and engaged to a successful businessman. When a long-lost love unexpectedly returns from her past with a startling revelation, she is torn between her newfound modern life and the simplicity of her humble past, and must now choose the life – and the man –that will finally give her peace of mind. Stars Katie LeClerc and Jacob Blair.
  • HHOFC, Drama | TV-PG
    Sam and Lydia's happy marriage is threatened when Sam's high school flame, Dee Dee, returns to town with her 12-year-old son. Stars Alicia Silverstone, Eion Bailey, Annabeth Gish and Polly Bergen.
  • Original, Romance | TV-G
    A university meteorologist gets a chance to be a TV weather personality, and in the process, falls for her TV producer. Stars Katie Leclerc, Michael Rady, Stacey Dash and Gregory Harrison.
  • Mystery, Crime | TV-PG
    After killing his wife, Hugh Caldwell asks for help from his best friend Mark Halperin, the Deputy Police Commissioner of the LAPD. Mark makes the murder look like a robbery gone wrong, but the price of his assistance is more than Hugh bargained for. Stars Peter Falk.
  • TV-PG
    A nurse is murdered when she discovers a doctors secret about performing unecessary procedures on unknowing patients. Stars Peter Falk.
  • Mystery, Crime | TV-PG
    Lt. Columbo investigates the killing of a winemaker whose covetous brother stands to inherit the family vineyard. Stars Peter Falk.
  • TV-PG
    Elliot Markham, a brilliant architect and con-man, murders a Texas millionaire and hides his body in order to keep his visionary construction project financed. Stars Peter Falk.
  • Mystery, Crime | TV-PG
    A proud Commandant of a military academy is incensed that William Haynes, the owner of the property, wants to turn it into a co-ed college. Los Angeles Police Department's Lt. Columbo comes to the academy to investigate Haynes' death and instantly suspects that Rumford had something to do with the explosion, which Columbo believes was not accidental. Stars Peter Falk.
  • Mystery, Crime | TV-PG
    Campaign manager Harry Stone manufactures a story that Senatorial candidate, Nelson Hayward, is the target of a murder plot to gain votes in the coming election. Believing that his campaign manager knows too much, Hayward seizes the opportunity to commit a murder of his own: killing Harry Stone. Making it look as if Hayward himself was the intended victim, the Senatorial candidate looks to get away with murder until Columbo hits the campaign trail to catch the killer. Stars Peter Falk.
  • Mystery, Crime | TV-PG
    An egocentric psychic murders his old mentor, a magician charged to expose him as fraud, by beheading him while he's rehearsing his guillotine trick.
  • Mystery, Crime | TV-PG
    Columbo gets a taste of the Los Angeles rave scene as he investigates the apparent suicide of a tabloid reporter.
  • Mystery, Crime | TV-PG
    Columbo is in London to learn about new methods of investigation used by Scotland Yard when he smells something fishy in what appears to be an accidental death of a famed producer. Stars Peter Falk.