Book Excerpt from "Fixer Upper Mysteries: Concrete Evidence"

He set it up in the living room and I spread the blueprints out, rolling them backward a few times to get them to lie flat. Now I’d be able to refer to the new prints anytime I needed to.
I pulled out my tablet again.“If you’re ready, I thought we could start at the top with the third-floor attic and work our way down. The only room I’ve really seen is this one, plus the kitchen, although I didn’t stick around in there long enough to make many notes. We’ll take another look before we leave.”
“Yeah, we’ve all heard about your adventures in the kitchen.” Sean snickered.
I groaned out loud. “Okay, fine. So I was freaked-out by a rat.”
Johnny blinked dramatically. “Rat? I heard it was the tiniest mouse ever seen in these parts.”
“It was a rat,” I said through clenched teeth. It had indeed been tiny, but I wasn’t going to mention that.
Johnny and Sean laughed at my expense and I finally had no choice but to join in. What could I say? I suppose I was glad my guys were comfortable enough around me to give me grief on a daily basis. I would’ve hated to have a crew that treated me like the boss.
As we climbed the stairs, Mac talked about turning the attic space into another bedroom. I thought that was a smart idea, even though the house already had six bedrooms. I assumed the attic was a finished room since it had probably been used as a dormitory bedroom during World War II, when the mansion was famously occupied by a group of coastguardsmen charged with safeguarding the Northern California coastline from Japanese submarines.
The stairs leading from the second floor to the attic were a bit steeper and narrower than the main staircase.