Wednesday January 30 5:00 PM / 4:00c

Book Excerpt from "Fixer Upper Mysteries: Concrete Evidence"

Mac joined him. “From what I was told, it was taken off the ship that went down in Lighthouse Cove Bay.”
Sean’s eyes bugged out. “Seriously? This is from the Glorious Maiden?”
“That’s what the guy from the Historical Society told me. It was part of the ship’s bow. Apparently the Coast Guard members stationed here would occasionally find pieces of the ship washed up on the rocks and were able to put some of them to good use.”
“Cool,” Sean whispered. “The fireplace is great, too.” I agreed. Beneath the wood mantel, the chimneypiece was made of black marble and the fender was cast iron. Whimsically painted tiles lined the jambs. The inner brick walls were blackened from decades of fire and smoke. I thought the fireplace suited Mac perfectly, giving the room a strong, masculine vibe.
“Let’s see what condition it’s in,” Wade said. He got down on one knee and bent over to get a look at the flue. “Looks clear.” He reached in and fiddled with the damper.“Seems to move well. I’ll make sure everything’s working once we’ve started the job.”
“Thanks,” Mac said. “I appreciate it.”
“Part of the service,” Wade said, standing and slapping his hands together to get rid of the soot he’d gotten on him.
I wandered over to the floor-to-ceiling bay window at the opposite end of the room from the foyer. It was one of my favorite features of the house and it faced north, giving Mac a fantastic view of the coastline. The windows looked to be in good condition, but, given their age, I suspected we’d have to replace the sashes and hardware and, in some cases, the glass itself.
Wade went out to the porch and carried a card table into the house.