Book Excerpt from "Fixer Upper Mysteries: Concrete Evidence"

Call me perverse, but seeing all the damage just made me more excited to explore the entire house. I took a quick moment to stare up at the spectacular sight of the lighthouse tower standing sentinel over the town and this stretch of the coast. It never failed to impress me with its clean white surface shooting one hundred feet into the sky. I’d climbed its spiral wrought-iron staircase many times over the years and knew the view at the top was sensational. Gazing up at the glass-walled lantern room at the very top, I wondered if Mac had ever been up there. I would have to remember to ask.
I circled back to the front where Sean, Johnny, Wade, and Mac were trudging up to the porch with tool chests, a ladder, and other equipment for the walk-through.
“Hey, boss,” Sean said, laying his eight-foot ladder down at the far end of the porch and out of the way.
“Hi, guys,” I said. “Are we ready to get started?” “You bet,” Wade said.
Johnny nodded. “Let’s do it.”
Even though I had a key to the front door, I gestured to Mac. “You go ahead. It’s your new home.”
He unlocked the door, walked in, and looked around. I knew he was familiar with the first- and second-floor rooms, but he’d never seen the whole place from attic to basement. Mac had bought the house after barely half an hour of walking through a few rooms and strolling around the property. That was all the time it had taken for him to fall in love and make an offer.
“I had the power and water reconnected a few weeks ago,” Mac said, “so the lights should work.”
“If there are still any bulbs in the fixtures,” Wade said. Mac grinned. “Right.”