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    Preview - Christmas with Holly

Christmas With Holly

Holly is 6. Her single mom died a few months ago. In accordance with her wishes, her 25-year-old brother Mark now has full responsibility to raise Holly as his own. Mark has the help of two slightly older brothers, ages 28 and 30. All three uncles have their hearts in the right place. But they're charmingly inept in their new roles – made all the more awkward by the fact that Holly hasn't uttered a word since her mom died. That's where Maggie comes in. She's pretty, young, and the new owner of a local toy store in the town where Mark grew up -- and where he and his brothers still live. Despite the approach of the busy Christmas retail season, Maggie is able to give extra attention to Holly each time she comes by the store. That becomes the key to Holly's recovery of both her voice and her ability to "move on." Maggie mistakenly thinks Mark is "spoken for" during this whole process. But she's wrong. By Christmas Eve Mark and Maggie realize they have fallen in love, and all three of them – Mark, Maggie, and Holly – are starting to plan life together as a happy family. Stars Sean Faris, Eloise Mumford and Alex Paxton-Beesley
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